Leadership Project

Each year, the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute (GDMLI) partners with a local non-profit organization to take on a large-scale service project that solves a problem or fills a void in the community. GDMLI members invest their talents, connections and resources for transformational good and, in the process, learn about the metro area’s needs and opportunities. This year, the Class of 2012 completed “House 2 Home,” a $186,000 renovation at the House of Mercy transitional housing facility.

“The project provides class members with the opportunity to give back to our community in a meaningful, lasting way,” says Amy Jennings, GDMLI’s  new executive director. “At the same time, they hone and develop their community leadership skills.”

The group is currently seeking requests for proposal for the Class of 2013 project. For more details on project requirements or to apply, go to gdmli.com. Application deadline is 10 p.m. Aug. 17.

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