Shopping with Jessica Rae

I recently visited Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics in the East Village.   Patrick Boltinghouse, the owner, is the most talented , passionate and knowledgeable makeup professional you will ever meet in Des Moines.  You have to go check out all of his products!

Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics

412 E. 5th St.  Suite B

Des Moines, Iowa 50309

515 778 9705

Vanilla Rouge Natural Vegan Gloss $18.50; Sissy Pink Glam Glitter $5.00; #562 Pressed Shadow Pan $9.50; Classic Plum Powder Blush $10.50; Elegant Eyelashes $4.25; Venetian Rose Natural Vegan Shimmer Blush $25; Gnome Waterproof Eyeliner $15.00; Boyensberry Vegan Lip Crayon $12.50


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