Out Your Artist

Plenty of people sing, paint, write or express their artistic impulses in other ways, but then keep their creations hidden away. For 20 area residents, that will change during Out Your Artist, 5:30-8:30 p.m. Oct. 11 at Salisbury House & Gardens. These previously “closeted” artists will present their work—visual, performing and literary—for the first time in a public setting at the event, which jointly benefits the Salisbury House, the Des Moines Social Club (DMSC) and Central Iowa Shelter & Services. The event will include self-guided tours of the artwork and live performances. Admission is $20.

Out Your Artist reflects DMSC’s core philosophy that that everyone is inherently creative but sometimes just needs a little boost. And who are these hidden talents in our midst? That part is being kept a secret until that day, though organizers will say that celebrity guests—community leaders who possess an artistic streak—will be there. The event is modeled on, and is meant to honor, National Coming Out Day. Observed around the world since 1988, the day encourages those in the LGBT community to proudly reveal their truth about their sexual orientation. More information: desmoinessocialclub.org.

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