Hollywood Halloween

Written by Wicker Van Orsdel

To everything there is a season. And this is the season of  HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween. You open the door, and there are strangers in masks. Good idea! Imagine a world in which there was no Halloween. And where they took all the costumes away, forever. Horrible. Just horrible. Now imagine the polar opposite of that awful place, and you’ve got a pretty good idea about how fun The Des Moines Community Playhouse’s 11th annual Hollywood Halloween costume party was. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you were there. (If you were, I probably didn’t recognize you because you were in disguise, right?) This is an annual event to benefit the Kate Goldman Children’s Theater educational programs. It was held at the West End Architectural Salvage, such a great eclectic venue on its own—just imagine it all spookified on top of that.

Anyway, it’s an awesome Halloween event where fun-loving (mature?) adults get back in touch with their ”inner child” by getting dressed up as naughty Disney characters (or as freaks, monsters, pimps and hookers).  I loved so many costumes. The girl who came as the Black Swan was awesome (it made me want to run out and buy a tutu and use a touch more eye-shadow).  I also especially the admired the adorable “Baker couple,” Soozie and Mike McBroom. They had flour all over them. It was fun to see John Ruan dressed as Stalin; he was a dead ringer! I was disguised as the Gorgon, Medusa. My reptilian headress, my verdigris shade, my Endora-style eyeliner and long ruby nails were very bewitching, but turning folks to stone was not one of the clubs in my bag.(I did, however, show up in the Metro section of the paper, dancing with my champagne.)  I think I may have made the Wicker Hall of Fame, which you are inducted to after trying many dangerous dance moves. I call them: “The Wicker Fire.”(Not as hot as I used to be, but still way out of control!) Ha!

Speaking of dancing…the music of  Final Mix was  wonderful and inspired many costume-encumbered dancers to attempt to maneuver on the dance floor without losing too many parts. They did well and life was groovy. Mary Miller-Smith did a super job on the treats; she made my favorite salmon caviar crostinis, which are to die for! I say it was a win-win night! Sorry if you missed it. I suggest you get your game on and plan what you are going to be for next year’s  Halloween. (And don’t say  “intoxicated.”) See the photos to the right and click here to check out even more.

John Ruan, Janis Ruan, Soozie McBroom, Mike McBroom, Wicker as Medusa and Margo Blumenthal.
John Ruan, Janis Ruan, Soozie McBroom, Mike McBroom, Wicker as Medusa and Margo Blumenthal.
Nikki Syverson, Don Short and Diane "Minnie Mouse" Proctor.
Nikki Syverson, Don Short and Diane “Minnie Mouse” Proctor.
Wicker "Medusa" Van Orsdel and Steve "General Lee" Berry.
Wicker “Medusa” Van Orsdel and Steve “General Lee” Berry.
Jonathan Brendemuehl.
Jonathan Brendemuehl.
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