On Location

Hey, Iowa. If you’re gunning to make it in Hollywood, you can’t just hang out in bars hoping to get “discovered.” Sure, that worked for Cedar Rapids native Ashton Kutcher, but that was the ’90s. These days, you’ve got to be proactive.

That’s why Produce Iowa, the state office of media production, is asking residents to post digital photos of their homes and properties as potential locations for TV shows, movies and commercials. City officials, business leaders and local tourism officials across the state also are encouraged to submit photos, which can include scenic views, quintessential Iowa settings, unique buildings (work your angles!) and even main streets.

The photos will be compiled into a free searchable online directory aimed at multimedia producers worldwide. (If your property were to be chosen, any payments you would receive would be negotiated directly by you and the production company. The state acts merely as “matchmaker.”) There is no charge for posting photos, although they must depict Iowa locations and meet other requirements. You can submit photos here.

For its database, Produce Iowa also is looking for individuals and businesses that work in film and media production or that can provide support services for visiting crews, such as catering, accounting, construction, insurance, lodging, marketing and public relations, and transportation. Sign up here.

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