East Village Revue

Written by Wicker Van Orsdel

We’re all cold, but that won’t stop us from having holiday parties—that’s the kind of people we are here in Historic East Village, or HEV. Last Tuesday night, HEV celebrated the start of a jam-packed holiday social calendar with the “Nine Ladies Dancing” Holiday Revue at Wooley’s, a most fun and excellent venue. East Village board members Josh Garret, Colleen MacRae, Sarah Grant, Bill Van Orsdel and yours truly all worked together to make the first party out of the holiday chute a new, fun  celebration of the HEV to encourage neighbors and local businesses to become members. Tickets were a very affordable $10 or complimentary to HEV members—you gotta love that!

The Nine Ladies Revue was comprised of six ladies (we figured no one would be counting) who agreed to embarrass themselves on stage doing the cancan. Don’t ask why—just raise an intrigued eyebrow. I’m not sure ladies over 50 (?) should be lifting their skirts and doing cartwheels and splits on stage, but we certainly received applause. The good-hearted, fun-loving dancers included Joyce Ludwig, Soozie McBroom, Sarah Grant, Diane Proctor and youngster Liz Proctor, and me. We pulled off the dance number with about as much precision as a prison riot, but that’s part of our charm!

The drop-dead gorgeous cross-dressers, Muffy Larson and Stinketta Beaverhausen,  also regaled us with song and charmed some cash out of the audience.  I finished out the evening of merriment with a roster of upbeat holiday songs. I loved the sound system there! It was a great night of fun and a super way to kick off the holiday season.

Check out the photos from the event by clicking here.

The cancan ladies: Joyce Ludwig, Liz Proctor, Wicker, Soozie McBroom Diane Proctor and Sarah Grant.
The cancan ladies: Joyce Ludwig, Liz Proctor, Wicker, Soozie McBroom Diane Proctor and Sarah Grant.


Muffy Larson
Muffy Larson
Stinketta Beaverhausen
Stinketta Beaverhausen


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