Trend Jetting

Written by Susan Hatten

We all do it. We assess trends as they become popular, and we either gravitate to them or shy away from them.

I recently read an article on Technology Review that assesses the top trend-setting cities in the world based on Twitter data. This research study caught my attention, and I was compelled to learn more.

As I started poking around online, the term “trend jetting” came to mind as it seems that most trends tend to flow in and out of the cities that provide the greatest ease of transit (air travel), in addition to cities with high access to technology mediums. I searched “trend jetting” to see if I had in fact come up with a new term, and it appears that I may be an early adopter here (aside from an article posted by Loyala University last summer). Don’t be surprised if you start seeing and hearing this more…

The Tech Review study then identifies cities in the U.S. as either trendsetters or trend-sinks. I was not entirely surprised to see several Midwestern cities classified as a trend-sink, but pleased that Des Moines was not among them. I’d like to think that this is due in part to our vibrant cultural scene, civic infrastructure and startup community.

Des Moines is ranked highly among some very noteworthy lists these days by such publications as Forbes, Business Insider, Kiplinger’s and Fast Company, among others. But are we setting any trends? Are we  becoming a template-worthy community?

I say, yes. As an example I’ve had the great opportunity to know and become friends with Kiley Stenberg, writer of the blog “A Sequin Dress At Breakfast” ( You want to talk about someone who is setting trends and creating a buzz, straight from the Heartland, check her out. Or, how about the world’s premier Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival? You can’t go into any trendy restaurant these days without seeing bacon added to everything from donuts to dirty martinis.

And let’s talk about the trends that we’re setting with regard to new technology, healthcare, biofuels, money management methods and more. Heard of Dwolla?

It would be nice if our some of accolades resonated with those who are trend-spotting and we received some attention for it. I’m making this a goal of mine in the New Year. I mean, after all, we were sporting John Deere ball caps long before Ashton became a staple in US Weekly.

susan hatten

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