Brass Is Back

While silver, nickel and pewter—the “cool kids” of home décor metals—continue to dominate Des Moines, brass is hot in design circles. “It has a warm feeling,” says interior designer Rick Schueder, who encourages clients to try it. “You feel good when you’re in a room with brass.”

Several high-end designers and popular retailers are embracing the sturdy, easy-care metal. Although brass isn’t big here—yet—Schueder, who owns As Good As It Gets Interiors, expects that to change. “Once people start seeing it in other big areas of the country,” he says, “that’s when it hits.” Here’s how to bring in the brass:

• Start small. Mix a new accessory with what you have. Brass works well with ceramics and crystal, for example. Schueder also loves topping a stack of hardcover books with a whimsical brass apple.

• See the light. Brass shines in sconces, lamps and light fixtures. “That’s when you’re really going to notice a difference in your room,” Schueder says. “It looks very, very pretty.”

• Edit. A key piece, such as a statement mirror or a table with glass or acrylic, is an easy way to take brass bolder. Just don’t overdose on a good thing, Schueder says. —Kellye Crocker 

Brass bookends from Global View.
Brass bookends from Global View.

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