Lush Set to Open

By Kellye Crocker

When Lush touts its bath and beauty line as “fresh,” it’s no joke. The company yanks products after six months, but many are only weeks, days or hours old when sold. Now you can check out the products out for yourself, as Lush’s first Iowa store is set to open at Jordan Creek Town Center April 1 (date is subject to change). Founded in England in 1995, Lush—a sort of beauty deli with attitude—operates more than 700 stores in 44 countries.

Its products, which include hair and skin care, perfume and makeup, are crafted from whole, ethically sourced fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and essential oils—and about 80 percent are vegan. All 300-some items are handmade, aren’t tested on animals and contain little or no preservatives and packaging.

An industry leader on environmental and social issues, Lush doesn’t separate its politics and products. In fact, the company sees its stores as a platform for change. Huge “blood-splattered” placards protested the Canadian commercial seal hunt, for example, and the company donates 100 percent of sales from one of its hand and body butters to grass-roots organizations working for the environment, animal welfare and human rights. Since 2007, the company has given $4.75 million to 400 organizations in 35 countries.

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