Fun at the Follies

By Wicker Van Orsdel

Yay! It’s been 17 years, but the Junior League Follies fundraiser was finally resurrected. Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of making sure nobody Rained on My Parade (my song) performing in the Junior League Follies: Capital City Celebrities at  beautiful Hoyt Sherman Place. The revue was a huge success (even though the Cyclones drained a few diehard fans from our audience, it was still a great turnout), and emcees Nick Renkoski and Sabrina Ahmed made sure the show rocked.

The evening was filled with some terrific and diverse entertainment, including performances by Ballet Des Moines and the Synchro Studs (a hilarious all-male synchronized swimming troupe). What’s more,  The Improv Last Laugh Theater tickled our funny bone, Tina Haas Findlay regaled us with her silvery vocals, and the pulchritudinous and sexy beauties–Liz Lidgett, Lauren Burt, Liz Proctor, Lindsey Mollenhauer, Emily Toribio and Erin Bailey–wowed the audience with their rendition of the murderous ladies of “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago.” Sizzle!  The adorable Zander Morales was their victim six times: He was poisoned, knifed, shot stabbed and strangled. You have to love a good sport like that.

I must say, though, that one of my favorite numbers was the super-fun spoof piece on the joys of aging, sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” and performed by The Sustainers (which is a euphemism for the AARP ladies)–Sheila Beavers, Gwen Copple, Diane Todd Brown, Jane Hein, Teenie Larson, Joyce Ludwig, and me. We rocked–of course, we have a lot of experience.

The after party was in  Hoyt Sherman Hall and Max Wellman regaled us with his wonderful jazzy vocals and piano stylings; he’s our own Michael Buble. We had so much singing fun, and nobody rained on my parade! It was a great night for a great cause and I’m glad I participated. I hope it’s not another 17 years before the next one!

Check out my photos on this link:

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