Spring Cleaning

By Susan Hatten

Out with the old, in with the new. Springtime has long been a season commemorated by opening windows that have been closed tightly for months, peering at spring and summer wardrobes to discover how desperate you need an overhaul, and cleaning out unnecessary items and cobwebs.

According to a spring 2013 survey from The Cleaning Institute, 72 percent of households engage in a spring-cleaning ritual of some kind. We pay closest attention to clothing, closets and windows in our spring-cleaning regimen.

I began to think about my own spring-cleaning habits as I made small piles in my bedroom to donate to our local Bargain Basket boutique thrift shop. I thought about my wardrobe, the décor in my condo, my kitchen accessories and more.

But I also started thinking about the activities that I’m involved with, charities that I support, the groups of friends with whom I associate and leaders I respect. This self-evaluation led me to assess which parts of my life truly reflected me, my values and my personality.

I have a strong sense of self and certainly want to convey this as I navigate life’s ever-changing seasons. I’ve decided that spring cleaning for me is now more than a weekend of purging old sweaters and dusting off ceiling fans. It is a time for me to step back and to evaluate areas of my life where I devote my time, energy, resources and passions.

And, although it was hard, it was refreshing to say goodbye to the black miniskirt worn circa 2003 to a Metallica concert while in college. Out with the old, in with the new… and longer, more refined skirts. 

susan hatten

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