Makeup for Grown-ups

Is your makeup routine making you look older? The following stories are shocking but true (but, like on “Dragnet,” the names have been changed to protect the innocent). Jessica Culbertson, a makeup artist at Sahar’s Salon and Spa, shares quick fixes for these common makeup mistakes.

  • Camouflage Cathy attacks under-eye bags and circles with too much concealer, “which makes it look even worse,” Culbertson says. She recommends a pen highlighter/concealer such as Active Light Under-eye Concealer by jane iredale, the brand Sahar’s carries. (“Less is more” also applies to foundation, Heavy-Handed Hannah.)
  • Bare-Faced Barb skips makeup, but Culbertson says every woman should at least wear blush. “Blush brings life to your face instantly,” she says. Choose a bright (not too dark) shade and blend well. For a natural day look, try neutral eye shadow, brown mascara on top lashes only and lipstick one shade darker than your natural lip color, she says.
  • Sparkle-Shine Sheila is all about shimmery eye, cheek and lip colors, which “bring out the lines you don’t want to see,” Culbertson warns. Matte formulas are more flattering as skin ages.
    • Time-Warp Tina found a groovy look—decades ago. Freshen up by experimenting with new colors and techniques. “Women need to experiment with their makeup more,” Culbertson says. “I tell people, ‘You need to play.

Speaking of playing, jane iredale’s “The Makeover Room” is ridiculously addictive. Choose among eight diverse model head shots—or upload your own—to sample a variety of looks with just a few clicks.

–Kellye Crocker


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