Fabulous Kitchen Finds

By Wini Moranville

While researching my recent story for dsm on go-to kitchen gadgets, I asked my All Things Food DSM Facebook community which culinary tools had changed their cooking life. Among the responses, the microplane was a clear standout. Deb Cazavilan, a cooking instructor and owner of Wooden Spoons Workshops, says, “My microplane gets a great workout, for lemon zest, garlic, nutmeg, cheese, chocolate . . . you name it!”

Food editor Stephen Exel agrees: “The microplane–celebrating 20 years this year–truly changed the way we cook.” Indeed, a microplane is one of those “how did we ever live without it” gadgets.

And here’s another: A magnetic knife holder. After years of storing knives in a counter-space-hogging knife block (or worse yet, throwing them willy-nilly in a kitchen drawer), I finally got one of these. Now, my knives are always safely within reach, without taking up valuable kitchen real estate on the counter or in drawers. I also like using it to keep other often-used gadgets close at hand, such as my kitchen shears and corkscrews (of course).

Find Harold Import Co.’s stainless steel magnetic knife holder ($19.99) at Le Gourmet, a charming kitchenware shop in Valley Junction. The store also sells specialty foods, such as vinegars and olive oils from casks, Stonewall Kitchen products and gourmet pastas. 201 Fifth St., West Des Moines; 226-2283.

knife holder
A magnetic holder keeps knives and other gadgets organized and within reach.













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