A Flair for Hair

By Belle Du Chene

Refresh your look and give your style a chic smooth-down this fall. Jenna Dickinson of Sahar’s Salon and Day Spa (4100 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines) sat down with us to share her forecasts for the new season’s hair trends. 

Women: Overall, hairstyles are mimicking the fashion trends of softer and more subtle looks, a complete 180-degree turn from last year’s response to the harder use of leather and chunky heels. Now, it’s all about having a polished yet “undone” look that’s wispy yet structured. The color trends are also more subdued and have a warmer tone. “We are blending colors smoother this year than we did last year to keep it from looking so drastic,” Dickinson says. “We are referring to this style as ‘sombré’ because we want our guests to look as though they were subtly kissed by the sun.”

Men: The popular TV series “Mad Men” has a solid hold on men’s hairstyles for fall. The sloppy, beach hair that was in for the summer months is being replaced by an executive look that is reminiscent of the 1950s, with tight sides, a sharp part and long-on-the-top cut. The use of products give it an almost wet, slicked-back finish (think Cary Grant meets James Dean). The 20-somethings are wearing a more severe version, the 30-somethings want more structure, and the 40- and 50-somethings are combed and polished with shorter hair around the ears. “There is a level of exactness that is to be achieved by men this year,” Dickinson says.

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