But First Let Me Take a Selfie

By Belle Du Chene
Photographer Ben Easter takes  a selfie with his two pups, Ozzie  and Harriet.
Photographer Ben Easter takes
a selfie with his two pups, Ozzie
and Harriet.
Taking a selfie is a great way to show the social media world your personality. Everybody’s doing it–from Academy Award winners to our very own dsmcontributors who took a shot at it for our September/October issue. But it’s not as simple as pointing and shooting. We asked one of our contributing photographers, Ben Easter, to give us five pointers to land that attention-grabbing and flattering profile pic. Here’s his list:
  1. Use natural light. Stand in front of a window but far enough away so you don’t blow yourself out with too much light.
  2. Keep it positive and consider posting something uplifting along with your pic.
  3. Smile with your eyes.
  4. Post only one selfie a day–no more!
  5. Work on your angles. Often, shooting from above produces the most flattering image.

Of course, some artists take selfies a tad more seriously. Read about how the self-portraits of three Des Moines artists offer insights into both the person and the art form in this story in the new issue of dsm.

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