Sunday Night Extravagence at Baru 66


Truffles: so plain in appearance, so sublime in flavor.
Truffles: so plain in appearance, so sublime in flavor.

By Wini Moranville

“Truffles are all about history, tradition–and luxury,” says Baru 66 chef-owner David Baruthio, explaining that although the rare fungi were originally discovered by cavemen in the southwest portion of France, over the centuries, they evolved into the food of royalty.

“When Gaul was occupied by the Romans, truffles were often presented in cooking,” Baruthio says. “Later, when parts of the country were invaded, they became nearly extinct–found only on the tables of kings.”

Truffles remain exceedingly scarce and difficult to harvest; the prized Black Perigord truffle, for example, can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per pound.

And yet, you can enjoy this rare and mystical food at a special Truffle Dinner at Baru 66 on Sunday, Dec. 7. Featuring white truffles from Italy and black winter truffles from Burgundy, the eight-course dinner costs $195 per person (plus tax and gratuity).

“David has offered truffle dinners for private events over the years,” says Baruthio’s wife and Baru 66 co-owner Sara Hill. “This Sunday event is designed to bring the truffle to other guests, in celebration of autumn and the start of truffle season.”

Reservations are required. Baru 66 is at 6587 University Ave.; 277-6627; Also note that on this evening, there will be no corkage fee–a great reason to uncork that extravagant bottle you’ve been holding on to.

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