A Boon for Cheese Lovers on the Go

The bargain bin at Whole Foods makes it easy to sample new cheeses.
The bargain bin at Whole Foods makes it easy to sample new cheeses.

By Wini Moranville

Sure, we love heading to a great cheese counter and sampling our way through well-chosen tastes of this and that. But when the lineup is long and we simply don’t have the time for a tasting, the little odds-and-ends bin at Whole Foods Market comes in extraordinarily handy.

Look for the sign that says, “Cheese Steals!” The small, pre-cut wedges and chunks of random cheeses sell for a few dollars each, making it easy to pick up a selection for a mini cheese tray that’s perfect for a small, spontaneous gathering. I’ve also found some new favorites this way, including the amazing Campo de Montalban Cheese, made from all three milks (cow, sheep, and goat). It’s a nutty, semi-firm cheese that’s a little like Manchego, but with flavors reminiscent of lush pastures of grasses and herbs.

I was originally concerned that this bargain bin might be filled with past-their-prime cheeses; however, on the three occasions that I’ve grabbed a few, I’ve been pleased every time with their quality and freshness.

Whole Foods Market is at Water Tower Place, 4100 University Ave., West Des Moines; 343-2600.


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