So there we were, enjoying the friends and festivities at a recent new-issue launch party, and we started thinking again about our readers, both the partygoers who were with us that evening and others who encounter dsm more quietly in print and online. You often tell us how much you enjoy what you read, and we’re grateful for that. But what are we missing? What would you expect of us that we aren’t providing? In short, how can we serve you better?

That’s a good topic to consider at the frosty dawn of a new year. We’d be grateful to hear from you. And yes, we can take criticism. It might make us stronger; it will make us better. What do we cover too much? Where do we sometimes lose your interest? What would you like us to do more or better? If you’ve wanted to have a voice in the dsm brand, both the magazine and this newsletter, here’s your opportunity. Just email dsmeditor@bpcdm.com. We promise to read and consider every idea, to be grateful to you for your time, and to do what we can, with your help, to make dsm more engaging and compelling for you in 2016.

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