A St. Kilda Lunch Tour

Above: St. Kilda Surf & Turf’s avocado toast starts with sourdough and ends with satisfied smiles.

This family of Australian cafes is growing faster than an avocado tree grows fruit. And we understand why: Owners Alex and Whitney Hall have mastered both upscale cafe fare and service, and are now offering their dishes across downtown. They started with one location just west of Principal Park, and in May opened two others—at the Temple for Performing Arts (which serves the same menu as the original) and in the East Village (with a new spin on surf and turf). 

Dine your way through them all with our menu picks below for an oh-so Instagrammable lunch, and watch for another Kilda stop in Valley Junction in spring 2020.

The location: Harbach Lofts
300 S.W. 5th St.

The lunch: Salmon Club

Seared salmon has been spot-on since day one in St. Kilda’s salmon and eggs breakfast, and it continues to shine in this hearty yet healthy lunch. Those who think they can’t fill up at this chic cafe should try to tackle the Salmon Club: Two slices of thick toasted sourdough build the foundation, while local bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula, dill aioli, and salmon round out the feast.

The location: Surf & Turf
111 E. Grand Ave.

The lunch: Avocado Toast (pictured)

Warning: Objects in the above image taste even better than they appear. If you’ve had St. Kilda’s trademark dish at their original location or at the Temple (it’s the same delicious dish at both of those locations), don’t skip it at this East Village outpost. The 2.0 toast at Surf & Turf comes slathered in a healthy layer of smashed avocado, then gets sprinkled with diced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sticks of watermelon radish, pickled chilis, and feta crumbles. Harissa tops it all off, and you can put an egg on it if you please (poached, por favor!).

The location: Temple for Performing Arts, 1013 Locust St.  
The lunch: The Saint

Whether you’re business brunching or lunching, the new Temple location has your saving grace with the Saint sandwich. Stacked in a sesame seed bun are a fried egg, house-made ginger sausage, bacon, avocado, red onion, arugula and tomato jam. ν  –Karla Walsh

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