An Art and Music Show Made for Quarantine

Two local DJs created “Limited Space: Quarantine Edition” to show off art and music in a live setting.

As a DJ, sometimes if you can’t find an event, you have to create your own. It was that line of thinking that led Soren Albaugh (DJ Rock Paper Scissors) and Lyndon Haselhuhn (DJ Lyndrum) to create Limited Space: Quarantine Edition, a free Art Week event that will combine art, music and theatrics in the Des Moines Art Center parking lot at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The impetus behind the idea was simple, but it didn’t come quickly, Albaugh says. During the pandemic shutdown, Albaugh and many of his peers were out of work. So they started to brainstorm ways to redesign Limited Space, an event concept they launched two years ago, while keeping people safe.

They settled on a drive-in concept, where patrons sit in their cars while enjoying the show. The event will showcase art from more than 80 creators projected onto a screen, accompanied by music. So far, there seems to be some buzz around an actual in-person event for the first time in about three months, Albaugh says.

“It’s been very positive,” he says. “So many people are still concerned about the virus, and they want to be responsible toward their own health, but also to everybody around them. They are craving live events. People are just excited.”

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