New Documentary Chronicles Iowan’s Fight

Chris Norton was paralyzed in 2010 after a football injury, but he has managed to move again after intense physical therapy. He uses his story to inspire others. Photo: 7 Yards by Fotolanthropy Films.

A former college football player at Luther College in Decorah, Chris Norton was paralyzed by a tackle in 2010, at 18 years old. More than a decade later, Norton, a native of Bondurant and father of five, can move again and recently released a documentary, “7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story,” chronicling the journey from his injury to his 7-yard wedding walk. It’s available on Apple TV, Prime Video and other platforms.

Norton was given just a 3% chance to move again after his injury. But after years of intense physical therapy and training, Norton’s story went viral in 2015 when he successfully walked across Luther College’s graduation stage with the help of his fiancée, Emily. Soon after, the couple set another goal: Walk seven yards side-by-side down their wedding aisle, which they did in 2018.

“We don’t get to control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond,” Norton said in a statement. “No one ever volunteers to struggle, but it can be one of our greatest teachers. My story is hard, but it is full of hope, and I think that is relevant to everyone right now.”

For more information, visit the film’s websiteInstagram and Facebook.

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