Enjoy Meals And Deals At Des Moines Eateries

One of Alba’s Restaurant Week offerings is gnocchi. General Manager Garret Dotsh describes the dish as “little seared pillows of soft, caramelized, cloud-like potatoes and cheese coated in a rich but bright crème fraîche sauce.”

We’re almost to the halfway point of dsm Restaurant Week! Through next Sunday, Aug. 29, more than 25 restaurants around the metro are offering lunch and dinner menus for $15-$25 per person and $30-$45 per person, respectively. Be sure to post on social media using the hashtag #dsmrestaurantweek to share your food photos and potentially be featured on our channels!

Unsure where to start? Food writer Karla Walsh compiled four Restaurant Week menu options, including gnocchi at Albapanzanella salad from Centro, hummus at St. Kilda and apple, bacon and teleggio grilled cheese at Trellis.

Find the full list of restaurants and menus on our website.

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