Fitz and The Tantrums to Perform at Water Works Park Tonight

Noelle Scaggs (left) says the she wanted the music video for “Sway” to be full of color and and classic throwbacks to pay tribute to the song’s doo-wop vibe. Photo: Lindsey Byrnes.

Writer: Hailey Allen

After Tuesday’s Summer Solstice, it’s now officially summer, and what a better way to kick off the sizzling season than with concert at Water Works Park? Indie pop band Fitz and The Tantrums will take the stage at Lauridsen Amphitheater tonight as part of their summer tour, performing their newest single “Sway.” We chatted with Noelle Scaggs, co-lead singer of the group, about the new song’s summery vibes, plus what she’s doing with her Diversify the Stage initiative.

dsm: “Sway” is such a fun song. Can you tell us about it?

Scaggs: When I first heard the song, I thought it was great for the time. It has a really cool vibe, and it’s an opportunity for us to perform it and allow the audience to just dance and sing along. It has a little bit of a callback to our very first record with “Moneygrabber.”

dsm: What are you looking forward to this summer with touring?

Scaggs: Going back to New York. I haven’t been there since the pandemic, and I have a lot of friends there. This current run has been really fun; I’ve really enjoyed being on the road with St. Paul and the Broken Bones. We’ve done a lot of barbecue grilling after gigs together and things of that nature. I’m looking forward to the Andy Grammar tour. … Two friends of mine from Nashville are also going to be a part of that tour.

dsm: Do you have a favorite summer memory?

Scaggs: I love to travel and see new places. Over the pandemicm I had the opportunity of travelling throughout the country on a road trip with my best friend and my dog, from Nashville to L.A. When we got to Colorado, we took this beautiful scenic route through [that state] and Utah. One of my favorite moments was our time in Moab, Utah. There was a giant tortoise there we got to feed; it was huge, like being around a dinosaur.

dsm: Is there anything exciting coming up with your Diversify the Stage initiative?

Scaggs: Yes! We’re in our third phase of our apprenticeship program. So we’ve taken 25 college-age candidates interested in the live touring community, making sure the cohort is a rainbow of individuals, and put them in masterclasses and mentorships within the industry … and really allowing them to follow the vocation they’re interested in, like audio or lighting or tour managing. The program runs until the end of October and then we have a graduation event in November. I’m really excited about … supporting these folks that may have had a really hard time breaking into the industry.

Diversify the Stage was co-founded by Scaggs in 2020 to bring more diversity and inclusivity to concerts, events, and touring workforces, and boost historically marginalized and underrepresented communities in the music and touring industries. Scaggs says anyone interested in learning more about the program should visit the Diversify the Stage website for more information.

Catch Fitz and The Tantrums performing “Sway” tonight, along with St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Tickets are still available here. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m.

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