Gateway Dance Theatre to Present ‘Shakuntala’

After its first performance of “Shakuntala” in 2017, Gateway Dance Theatre will once again bring international music and dance to the stage this weekend. Photo: courtesy of Gateway Dance Theatre.

This Saturday (July 9), Gateway Dance Theatre will bring back its production of “Shakuntala,” a classic Indian love story written in the fifth century that Gateway first performed in 2017. The author, Kalidasa, is still considered ancient India’s greatest Sanskrit poet and playwright.

The show follows the story of Shakuntala, a young woman who is raised in a secluded abbey and falls in love with King Dushyanta. Over the centuries, the tale has been adapted into many different art forms and languages, including dances, plays and even a rock opera in 2015.

The production, which will feature international music and dance, begins at 7:30 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church (4114 Allison Ave.), with a $20 recommended donation. Learn more about the production from the Gateway Dance Theatre website.

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