Clearly Classic

Celebrate a return to fall with stylish briefcases and retro accessories.

Smart Elegance

Mark the turn of the season with sumptuous fabrics and prints.

A Cut Above

The classic barbershop—with contemporary twists—regains its manly station in life.

Nautical But Nice

Add a splash of style to your summertime wardrobe.

Look – Jul/Aug 18

Photographer: Joelle Blanchard Jennifer Leatherby Age: 32 Profession: Creative director at Raygun How would you ...

The Power and the Glory

A trio of speedsters takes you places emotionally as well as geographically.


Riley O’Connor Meteorologist for KCCI Age: 39  How you would describe your style: Pretty ...

A Matter of Style, Naturally

Add casual sophistication to your look with country-fresh fashion.

Party On

Well-tailored for a night out, you’re ready for wherever an after-party goes. Own it ...


Tatiana Giacinti, senior marketing communications specialist at Kemin Industries