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The Purveyor is a modern, European-style market that curates the best local charcuterie, exclusive tap to bottle wines and luxury baked goods by Doré Bakery. Sip, savor and host with ease – explore, experience and share the unexpected. Today, Michael and Lisa LaValle will be showing us how to make a favorite – Scaloppini of Iowa Wild Turkey with invasively delicious Garlic Mustard Chimichurri. It’s a “mouthful.”

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Scaloppini of Iowa Wild Turkey with invasively delicious Garlic Mustard Chimichurri Sauce
Recipe for 4 plus servings

Chef’s Notes:
The sauce recipe makes a good Pesto with the addition of pine nuts, parmesan cheese and deletion of vinegar.
Scallopini’s (Pounded thin meat cutlets) can be from many different meat sources. We suggest mild flavored meats such as veal, pork, chicken or in our rendition here Wild Turkey Breast.

Slice the meats across the grain in ½ inch perhaps 3-4 oz portions. Place between PVC, parchment paper or some use a zip lock bag and pound to approximately 50% larger size.

Dust both sides in seasoned flour and set aside while 2 tablespoons of EVOO heats up in saute pan. Place Scaloppini’s in pan laying them away from you so as not to splatter and leave space between them to promote browning.

Cook 2.5-3 minutes, flip over to nearly finish and remove to a plate.

Place sliced blanched forest mushrooms (we used Pheasant Back but Morels are in season) in pan reduce heat and saute adding bit more EVOO/butter if needed to cook thoroughly. Deglaze pan with 2 oz white wine, sherry or marsala.

Replace scaloppini in skillet with a dab of butter to re warm them, turn over and drizzle them with Chimichurri sauce.

Place scaloppini on plates topped with mushrooms and drizzle more additional Chimichurri.

Chimichurri Sauce – In a food processor
1 cup washed loosely packed invasive wild garlic mustard leaves.
1 cup washed preferable Italian parsley leaves.
2 cloves coarsely chopped and peeled garlic
8 oz EVOO
4 oz Apple Cider w/mother type vinegar or your favorite
½ Tsp dried oregano or/and tsp fresh thyme
Pinch red pepper flakes, salt and pepper

Process till pourable mélange and store refrigerator. Even better second day.

Copyright Michael and Lisa LaValle 4-28-2020