CultureCast – What’s Cooking With Iowa Restaurants – Brazen Open Kitchen

Owner and chef of Brazen Open Kitchen

Brazen Open Kitchen, in Dubuque, Iowa, specializes in scratch cooking and sourcing as much local products and ingredients that we can. We like to focus on the technique of how dishes are made. Brazen is a great gathering place with fun and approachable cuisine. Today, Kevin Scharpf, the owner and chef, will be teaching us to create Potato Wrapped Halibut.

Potato Wrapped Halibut
168g                Fresh Halibut | or any thicker white fish
1ea                  Idaho Potato | 60ct
20g                  Butter | smoked
5g                    Rosemary | fresh
6ea                  Asparagus | blanched & peeled
1recipe            Tomato confiture

Fish brine
1000g              Ice water
80g              Kosher salt

Stir salt into ice water and place Halibut in brine for 25min. Remove from brine and pat dry.

Tomato Confiture
300g                Cherry Tomato
100g               Brown Sugar
75g                 Sherry Vinegar
75g                 Orange juice
75g                 Onion
50g                 Shallot
50g                 Garlic
30g                 Tomato paste
2tsp                 Mustard seed
1tsp                 Coriander seed
1tsp                 Cumin seed
.5tsp                Red pepper flake
.5tsp                Orange zest
TT                    Salt & pepper

Place all ingredients besides spices into a small sauce pan and bring to simmer. Let simmer until mixture softens and begins to thicken. Toast spices in a separate pan and add to tomatoes during simmer.

You can either peel or leave the skin on your potatoes. Using a mandolin slice the potatoes thin to wrap your fish. Shingling them back an forth, form a blanket to wrap your halibut. Season the inside of your potatoes and place halibut towards the side closest to you. Begin to wrap your halibut overlapping each slice of potato.

Once your fish is wrapped place into a preheated pan to cook. Leave on each side for 3-4min or until golden brown. Your fish should reach 130F internal temp.

Place asparagus, butter, rosemary in pan when you flip fish to the second side. Take a spoon and gently baste your fish with butter and rosemary.

While this is happening place tomato confiture on plate, remove fish and asparagus to let rest for a few minutes. Finish your plate by placing the fish and asparagus on the tomato confiture.