Kim O’ Connor – Iowa Realty

Making home buying and selling personal

What are some trends you are seeing?

We are often selling homes through FaceTime. Buyers are not able or willing to go through homes, so video chat is one way to show and describe conditions of a home. Professional photos also tell a story. But it is always better to see a home with your own eyes before purchasing.

For years, there was a major move to downtown. With the pandemic, we are seeing people move back into the suburbs. Many downtown businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, which has been a big influence in the market. People need more space for offices and room for their children to study. In short, more space!

What are you most excited about in your industry?          

There are always buyers and sellers in the home market. Hopefully they want to work with established agents, who bring an abundance of knowledge to the process.

What is something you love to implement in your service but may be overlooked?       

The ability to point out problem areas in a home, so buyers understand what they are purchasing and what it might cost to correct these issues. I also love being able to point out advantages in a home and benefits they provide. Plus, 110% service all the time!

Anything else you’d like to add?      

There will be more purchases through the internet. It’s already happening. What I miss is the personal connection with buyers, sellers, agents and all the industries affiliated with the business.

Remember, it is always wiser to go see a home in person before you buy. And always get an inspection done on a home, not only to teach you how things work, but also to prepare you for what you will need to do in home ownership.

Properties are moving quickly and we are seeing bidding wars. Make sure the property is worth what you are paying for and that you can take care of any repairs.

Reach out to Kim O’ Connor by email at or by calling 515-249-009. 

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