By Wicker Van Orsdel

Des Moines heralded in our toasty spring March 31 with ChildServe’s second annual Bubble Ball. ChildServe is a not-for-profit organization that helps children with special health issues and needs live a great life. Event co-chairs Nikki Syverson and Kylee Krizmanic and honorary co-chairs Soozie McBroom and Jim Willer (in their adorable Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum suits—they never have any fun) all did a super-wrap-up job.

This year’s gala was bigger and better than last year; the new venue, Capital Square, was totally awesomized, and the transformation of this wonderful space exceeded all my expectations! Everything was simply bubbilicious! Celebrating all things bubbly, it effervesced with fun and imagination and featured a bubble-wrap-inspired designer runway show. The Brazilian 2wins were so entertaining and a perfect sound for the fun-filled evening.

There were so many amazing over-the-top bubble wrap creations. The theme for the runway designers came from children’s books. I loved the “Where the Wild Things Are” costumes; they really captured the spirit of the book. Jill Comes and Kelli Worth came up with a show-stopper Cruella de Ville ensemble complete with her Dalmatian dog, Spot. Many of the guests came in some form of bubbly get-up or their outfit creatively accessorized with bubble wrap. I took a new tack this year and created a Lady Gaga-esque sensation, if I do say so. I packed myself within the glittering confines of micro-mini-bubble-dress and attached plastic balls all over; it looked like I had just washed up in a bubble bath. Not made for sitting, quite noisy and not at all practical, but it was poptacular.

Check out a few of my photos and click here to many more photos of the fun evening.

Bubbly Regards, Wicker