Not Your Gramma’s Style


Styled and Written by Belle Du Chene
Photos by Joelle Blanchard
Models: Abby Gilman; Khalil Adams (The Peak Agency)
Hair: Amanda Marie
Makeup: Bopha Mom-Baccam, Penelopie Beauty Bar
Special thanks to: Liz Proctor, Kiley Stenberg, Nick Dillman, Plain Talk Books & Coffee


High-Waisted Panties
Waistlines cut this high can be the most complimentary shape for a woman because it cinches the smallest part of your torso, giving you a flattering silhouette. High-waisted skirts and pants also are back in fashion.

Sheer Hose
Credit (or blame) Kate Middleton for bringing nude hose back en vogue. Tips: Choose pantyhose that are as close to your natural skin tone as possible and avoid the ’80s shiny aerobics trend. Coordinate your hose to your shoes; if your shoes are brown, metallic or colored, go with the nude. Reserve black hose strictly for black shoes.

Gray Hair
This is our favorite trend. Everyone from Kylie Jenner and Kate Moss to your next-door neighbor is sporting an ice-cool blonde color rinsed with a silver tone, no matter what her age. Some fashion daredevils are even going completely gray.


Bow Ties
There are some men who never really let the bow tie go: James Bond, Colonel Sanders, Christopher Maharry. Now more and more men are joining them; we’ve seen the bow tie come back in boardrooms and at social gatherings throughout Des Moines. Men are pairing them with cardigans and V-neck sweaters, wearing them with a suit, and using them to dress up a simple jean and shirt.

Hats recently have been pushed to the forefront of sartorial thinking, with the increased interest in the fedora, the boater and the pork pie pictured above. Whatever the specific style, a hat can bring confidence to a gentleman’s look
by adding sophistication and distinction.


Socks and Cuffs
Colorful socks in an array of designs are spicing up men’s looks everywhere (especially when the color palette matches the bow tie). Today’s trousers and jeans are taking their cue from the days when men rolled their jeans on play days and suits came with a crisp cuff. Just remember: Your grandfather can keep his pleated pants. These days it’s all about the flat-front pant, which makes guys look slimmer and less frumpy.


Hose With Open-Toed Shoes
We couldn’t believe it, either. But wearing hose with open-toed shoes is no longer a fashion faux pas, argue fashion experts such as Stacy London, the co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” In fact, we even saw the look in New York City—really!—when dsm was there earlier this year for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We’re not so sure we can condone this look for Iowa just yet, but if you do choose to be an early innovator, we urge you to tuck that toe seam under your foot.


Fashion Credits

Only Hearts sheer robe ($89)
Fortnight high-waisted panty ($62)
Fortnight lace bra ($110)
Pretty Polly nude pantyhose ($15)

Gracia striped maxi satin skirt ($114)
Red cuff bracelet ($26)
From the B.vander line: men’s khaki pant ($97); men’s button-down dress shirt ($65); tan suspenders ($21)

The Backroom:
Bruno Piattelli bow tie in red and white ($35)
Florsheim Oxford dress shoe ($130)
Steven Land multicolored socks ($12)

Matilda Muse:
Mark & Maddux red open-toed shoes ($48)
Lumiere striped blouse ($32)
3AM Forever white clutch ($38)

Handmade brass rings ($5 each)
Larissa Loden gold bracelet ($25)

Classic Hats for Men:
Stetson Milan braid pork pie hat with 2-inch brim ($75)
Hoquy wool beret ($65)

American Dream Machines:
1957 Ford Thunderbird in coral sand ($44,900)

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