Under-30s find charity work refreshing

Above: Young volunteers improve the playgrounds in the Oakridge neighborhood as part of United Way’s program to teach them how to give back.

By Steve Dinnen

Sometimes it’s fun to unwind after a day at the office with an ice-cold beer. And sometimes that brew is welcomed after an afternoon of some charitable service work, as was the case last week for volunteers who have joined arms with LINC Des Moines.

LINC, which stands for Learn, Impact, Network, Change, is an initiative by United Way of Central Iowa to get people under 30 started on caring about their community. They give some money—as little as $250 donated each year to United Way—volunteer some time for projects around town, and get to know one another and the community where they live and can now serve. After each event, they adjourn to a watering hole for socializing.

The group focuses on fighting hunger and homelessness, says Jaclyn Wulfekuhle, corporate engagement manager. At their first outing, in February, group members built literacy kits for kids living at a shelter. Last month during an I-Cubs game they collected food for a pantry in Indianola. And last week they laid wood chips at playgrounds in the Oakridge neighborhood.

To get on board for future events, contact Wulfekuhle at jaclynw@unitedwaydm.org.

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