Light Summer Desserts

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Above: Light and cooling as a summer zephyr, this lemon tart at Table 128 is served with passion fruit gelee and rosemary ice cream.

By Wini Moranville

It’s tempting, as appetites swing lighter in summer, to skip desserts; but in doing so, you’d miss some lovely seasonally perfect creations this summer. Here are three cool concoctions to look for:

• I’ll never say no to a tart, tingly and refreshing lemon tart—especially when it’s from the kitchen of Lynn Pritchard at Table 128. As a bonus, this one arrives with passion fruit gelee and rosemary ice cream. (12695 University Ave., No. 140, Clive; 515.327.7427)

• Zach Gutweiler at Reed’s Hollow recently whipped up a blueberry macaroon cake with white chocolate parfait, tweaked blueberry vinegar and “almost” burnt white chocolate for a treat that was indulgent yet light on its feet. (2712 Beaver Ave.; 515.777.3625)

• A perennial favorite is Latin King’s Tartuffo—creamy and bright raspberry gelato encased in a robe of chocolate and served in a pool of raspberry sauce. It’s like a chocolate ice cream bar, but all grown up. (2200 Hubbell Ave.; 515.266.4466)

Wini Moranville covers wine and dining, among other topics, for dsm. Follow her at All Things Food DSM – Wini Moranville.

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