Best Tables in Town? Readers Share their Favorites


Thanks to everyone who responded to our inquiry about your favorite restaurant tables. Considering recent weather, we were taken by one suggestion for a perch to safely watch storms roll across the landscape: any table windowside at the Des Moines Embassy Club atop the Ruan Center.

“Last night’s rainbows and storms moving across the city [were] transfixing,” one reader wrote of this dinner with a view. Here are some other winners:

“The most southerly four-top on either side of the banquette at Centro. The buzz and vibe is great … the hum of the kitchen is in view along with coal-fired ovens and wood grill flare-ups.”

“Lucca has a couple bar stools on the back side of the bar near the door. Great wine, food and people watching.”

“Riverwalk HUB for a cigar on the Terrace overlooking the river and Capitol view.”

Then there’s Americana, with one reader writing, “I love the three booths on the first floor to the left of the stairs. It’s a little darker and moodier back there. … It’s nice to be tucked away from the crowd.”

Also, Fleming’s: “I love the bar tables. It’s such a social atmosphere. In the main dining room, I like to sit in the quiet corner diagonally opposite from the entry.”

Or Skip’s: “Especially on a winter’s day, there is no nicer place to enjoy lunch than the fireside booth.”

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