More Reader Thoughts on Dining Well in Des Moines


Can we get a side dish of ambiance with the linguini? Last issue, we highlighted some favored tables at Des Moines restaurants. Now, a reader (who apparently spends a good deal of time dining out) weighs in with thoughts on what could make these meal spots more desirable, more cozy, more inviting with this list of non-negotiable demands. Here’s what she says:

  • The best tables are quiet, with serene lighting. Seriously, designers and owners, sit at each of your tables and check it out.
  • Restaurants with insane noise levels need to please do something to tone it down.
  • I’d like to see Des Moines restaurants try the use of screens, large trees (even artificial) and big booths,  with a big bump up on the candlelight. And certainly do away with TVs and bright overhead lighting, except perhaps in the bar area.
  • One word: Tablecloths. Reduce noise, impart grace. Where are the charming red checked tablecloths of the Old Johnnie’s Vets Club?
  • Where are the fireplace dining options that one needs to survive an Iowa winter? Heck, you’d think with winters like ours, every single new restaurant would be built with a fireplace somewhere.
Our readers have spoken. Restaurateurs, take heed.

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