Investments Gone to Pot? Meet ‘Marijuana Millionaires’


I’m always on the lookout for investment opportunities. But marijuana? Legally?

A request came for me to sign up for the American Cannabis Summit. It is an online event,,  slated for Oct. 23, to discuss how to become a cannabis angel investor, and identify stocks that “are primed to create a new generation of marijuana millionaires” (presumably not Mexican drug lords).

The featured guest will be John Boehner, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is advisor to a company that grows and distributes marijuana and is now a vocal advocate of decriminalization.

Last week I heard an ad on WHO radio that invited listeners to contact High Times about buying shares in the company that publishes that pro-marijuana magazine. Companies such as Altria and Constellation Brands already have bought, or are considering, positions in pot growers in Canada, where recreational pot use became legal just yesterday.

And Iowa is about to get into medical marijuana retailing, which includes key support from Des Moines-based Kemin Industries.

Where this heads in the face of official federal government opposition carries risk. But with the majority of Americans supporting marijuana decriminalization, and hundreds of billions of dollars of revenues at stake, corporate America might well try to duplicate with marijuana the success it had in Las Vegas when it ousted the hoodlums who controlled gambling there.

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