Protect Your Assets with a Plan for Natural Disasters


My business partner lives in an area of California that’s forever being menaced by forest fires. The local Fire District periodically reminds him about how to prepare an emergency departure bag in case he has to, well, depart in an emergency.

While Iowans do not have forest fires to contend with, or hurricanes as the one currently battering the eastern seaboard, we do have an occasional tornado, flood or snowstorm. Any and all can lead to a loss of power, so it might be wise to see what we could do to prepare for a weather emergency.

How’s this for starters: flashlights, batteries, rain gear, gloves or mittens, collapsible snow shovel, shelf-stable foods—peanuts, protein bars—and water bottles. You’ll want some small bags containing a day or two of whatever prescription medicines you might be using. And you’ll want power cords for your phone or computer.

You can store this in a closet nearest to the front door. Or perhaps in your car, which I found handy once when snowed in on Interstate 65 outside of Nowheresville, Indiana. I just bundled up and waited for a plow to clear a path.

Oh, and don’t forget a deck of cards.

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