New to Ingersoll Dining

The “non-instant noodles” dish at Lucky Lotus: egg noodles, peas, carrots and bean sprouts in a sweet and savory sauce, topped with scallions, cilantro, fried shallots and a fried egg. Photo: Preston Mila.

By Karla Walsh

Calling all those craving casual Asian-inspired cuisine: Your options continue to bloom across Greater Des Moines. Joining the epic avenue of culinary options (see: Harbinger, Panka, Cheese Bar, Eatery A, Manhattan Deli, Creme and more), Lucky Lotus has opened in the space that Krunkwich vacated in June.

Des Moines-raised brothers Kevin and Souriyno Chen are taking over the business launched by their parents, Seng and Dala, at Cafe Fuzion, which recently sold to La Cuscatleca Pupuseria and Restaurant.You’ll often spot all four of them in the restaurant. “We’ve been witness to how hard our parents have worked over the years,” Kevin says. “It’s quite an honor to take over what they’ve built and carry on our family’s legacy.”

The menu blends Laotian and Vietnamese dishes the family has shared around the dinner table for decades, plus “a few Chinese-influenced dishes reflective of our Chinese heritage from our dad,” Souriyno adds.

The lotus symbolizes a rebirth—fitting for this new restaurant that feels like a modern, colorful twist on Cafe Fuzion’s greatest hits. The decor matches that vibe, too: Be sure to look up when you near the back of the restaurant. A gorgeous rainbow-hued umbrella display hangs from the ceiling.

On our first taste visit, highlights included:
● Crispy Rice Wraps: Think summer rolls stuffed with deep-fried coconut rice, veggies, vermicelli and herbs.
● Laap: Similar to a stir-fry with fresh herbs and spices and your choice of tofu or chicken.
● Tom Yum Spaghetti: Pasta tossed with a Tom Yum soup-inspired tomato sauce, mushrooms, and shrimp.
● Bing Bing Wrap: A savory crepe-like scallion pancake stuffed with potatoes or beef.

Next up, I have my eye on the After-School Fried Rice and the Non-Instant Noodles (pictured).

Lucky Lotus is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday at 2721 Ingersoll Ave. Learn more and check out the menu at

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