Check Out These Top Takeout Meals From July

Mi Patria serves up ceviche de camaron (left), a refreshing option for a hot summer day, and empanadas (right), which are accompanied by a green salsa.

Writer: Wini Moranville

As I write this, July is coming to a close. While it’s been yet another month of social distancing and all that goes with this pandemic, one silver lining is that I’ve continued to enjoy terrific takeout from local restaurants. Here are some noteworthy items I enjoyed these past four weeks:

Ceviche de camaron and empanadas at Mi Patria: Mi Patria’s ceviche de camaron gathers cooked shrimp with an enticing tangle of thinly shaved raw vegetables (red onion, tomatoes, green pepper) and cilantro in a lightly citrusy marinade. Delicate, cool and refreshing, the dish was perfect on a 90-plus degree day. Of course, no matter what the temperature, I’ll always order this Ecuadoran restaurant’s savory and flaky beef empanadas, made even better with their headily herby green salsa. 1410 22nd St., West Des Moines, 515-222-2755;

Brisket box from Twisted Fusion Dishes and Desserts: Operating out of Kitchen Spaces, a Drake-area business that rents state-certified commercial kitchens to local food vendors, Twisted Fusion offers an eclectic menu of takeout options available Thursday through Saturdays. Depending on the week, items can include Philly mac-and-cheese, pork shoulder burritos, smoked meats and ramen. Our smoked brisket box brought ultra-satisfying smoked brisket, sweet cornbread and smooth mac-and-cheese. Bonus: The $35 box for two netted enough leftovers for a couple of sandwiches the next day. Follow Twisted Fusion on Facebook to keep up with its weekly menu.

Skewers at Eatery A: Ever have one of those days when everything you can think of to eat sounds inexplicably boring? When that happened recently, I picked up a trio of skewers from Eatery A. Given the way each option came with its own dynamic and well-thought-out side, the resulting smorgasbord proved anything but boring: The lamb sausage (merguez) was paired with a roasted corn salad, the shrimp arrived with charred onion grits and the chicken shawarma came with marinated cucumbers and hummus. P.S.: While skewers are priced $12 to $14 each, you can snag three for $25. Yes—three’s the ticket here. 2932 Ingersoll Ave, 515-282-8085;

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