Hannah Sung Defies Art Standards

Local artist Hannah Sung has been working on making her creations “a little more raw.” For Sung, that means breaking away from preconceived ideas of what her art should look like. Instead, she wants her creations to come along naturally—to go with the flow, if you will.

“I just want to trust the process that whatever I do … it’s going to look good,” Sung said on the latest dsm CultureCast podcast. “That’s scary. [Because] sometimes you set your standard before you start. A lot of times that makes people fail before you’ve even started. I want to be more comfortable to express more freely without being tied down by my own standard.”

Sung, whose passion is illustration and cartoons, has used this mindset in new mediums, like social media (TikTok and Instagram) as well as fashion design. In fact, she just finished a new collection called Demon Children, which includes a swimsuit, skirt and shorts. You can find it on Sung’s website.

“Online is where you can change your persona,” Sung said. “I’ve been having so much fun doing it.”

You can follow Sung’s work on her website or Instagram. Listen to the full podcast episode here. (You can subscribe to find more interviews like this at Apple PodcastSpotify and more.) Read our recent story on Sung here.

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