Strands of Strength to be Held In Person May 19

Writer: Steve Dinnen

As the pandemic slowly releases its grip on the nation, businesses are bouncing back. And charitable organizations are as well, with – get this – in-person fundraisers!

Case in point: Strands of Strength. At 11 a.m. on May 19, the doors at Glen Oaks Country Club will open for the group’s Spring Luncheon. Tickets for the event cost $300, which is right around what Strands of Strength pays for custom-made wigs that it buys for people undergoing cancer treatment.

“When you feel better about yourself, you feel better about what you’re doing” and perhaps your cancer-fighting battle, said Deb Pulver, the organization’s founder. She knows, as she fought cancer 18 years ago.

Strands of Strength,, spends pretty much all of its money on acquiring wigs that people get fitted for at local hair salons. Women are the primary recipients of the wigs, although Pulver said men sometimes will request a wig.

An eastern Iowa chapter of the group meets in Cedar Rapids in the fall for its own fundraiser.

Ticketing deadline for the Glen Oaks event is fast approaching. You can secure one by reaching Pulver at

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