Iowa Authors Generating National Buzz

“Hangin’ With Winners” by Ray Cole with Rob Gray (left) and “Our Friend Sitting Bull” by Mary R. Christopher are two new books by Iowa authors.

Two newly published books that have landed on our to-read list:

“Hangin’ With Winners” by Ray Cole with Rob Gray (WriteBrain): This book, published by dsm’s sister division WriteBrain, features titans in all kinds of industries, including television, politics and philanthropy, to find the answer to “What makes a winner?” People in the book include nationally recognized figures, such as Dick Vitale, Jake Tapper, Jimmy Kimmel and more, as well as Iowans such as real estate developer William Knapp and former governors Robert Ray and Terry Branstad. “Hangin’ With Winners” was recently featured on “Good Morning America.

“Our Friend Sitting Bull” by Mary R. Christopher (Ice Cube Press): This true story chronicles the unlikely friendship between the author’s great-grandparents, Lizze and George Dell, and Lakota Chief Sitting Bull. The Dells, who each came from Iowa farming families, married in 1883 in Cresco and moved to the western part of the Dakota Territory to start a cattle ranch. Several years later, the homesteaders met Sitting Bull, becoming friends with the famous leader even though they spoke different languages and came from different cultures—and despite the U.S. government’s efforts at the time to oust Native Americans from their homelands. Christopher, a fifth-generation Iowan, lives in Des Moines. This is her first book.

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