3 Restaurant Salads That Will Actually Fill You Up

The hearty Beet Salad with Salmon at Django stars multicolored beets, goat cheese, tangy pickled onion and more. The salmon turns it into a main dish. Photo: Duane Tinkey

Writer: Karla Walsh

If you think all salads are either starters before a meat and potatoes meal or simply “rabbit food,” I have three pieces of evidence that will convince you otherwise. So if you’re looking to turn over a new leaf this January, order any or all of my current favorite filling and flavorful salads.

Beet Salad with Salmon at Django. With a little peppery arugula and a lot of hearty roasted multicolored beets, this is more like a ridiculously filling side dish than a saladespecially when you get a forkful that includes salty goat cheese crumbles, tangy pickled onion and crunchy sunflower seeds. Add a filet of crispy seared salmon for a well-balanced meal that will keep you satisfied for hours. ($15.99 for a regular, $22.49 for a large)

Chicken Shawarma Salad at Gazali’s. Across the metro on the west end of Clive, the spice is right at this Mediterranean cafe. Warm, peppery and mildly spicy at once, Gazali’s shawarma chicken steals the show in this colorful salad. Underneath, you’ll find a bed of mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, pickles (don’t knock it till you try it!), Kalamata olives and feta. Add their fluffy pita on the side and prepare to transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean. ($17)

Fall Squash Salad at Fresko. Even though it’s officially winter, this autumnal blend isn’t out of style. One of the newest additions to the menu at the downtown restaurant, the vegetarian entree eats like a real meal thanks to hearty pumpernickel croutons, candied pecans and plenty of blue cheese in the leafy green mix. It all comes together with a honey verjus vinaigrette. ($13)

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