The Japanese House takes Des Moines by storm on sold-out tour


Writer: Hailey Allen

The Japanese House, the indie-pop alter-ego of 28-year-old Amber Bain, is currently making waves on her sold-out North American Tour. She’s treated fans to an electrifying experience as she showcases her latest album, “In The End It Always Does,” released over the summer.

During Bain’s Dec. 1 performance at Wooly’s, the atmospheric melodies of tracks from “In The End It Always Does” came to life, enhanced by the ethereal quality of Bain’s vocals and the historic East Village venue. The live experience was nothing short of mesmerizing. As Bain took the stage, there was an undeniable chemistry between the band and the crowd that swept through the intimate space. The colorful stage lighting bouncing off the delicate fog infused the stage with an atmosphere that paralleled Bain’s lyrics. “I went to meet somebody new, changed beneath the evening light,” she sang from the fan favorite track “Boyhood.” 

Overall, the evening felt like dancing through a haze of emotion and having fun despite it all. The energy, emotion, and artistry displayed during The Japanese House’s live shows no doubt contribute to the artist’s growing reputation as a captivating act.

“In The End It Always Does” is a coming-of-age album for your late 20s, exploring feelings around identity, trauma and heartbreak that are inextricable from growing up. The album marks a significant evolution in The Japanese House’s sound, as she embraces her pop side with collaborative efforts from notable artists Matty Healy and George Daniel of The 1975, Katie Gavin of MUNA, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and Charli XCX, among others.

It’s clear that The Japanese House is solidifying her place as a rising star in the indie-pop scene, captivating audiences with her unique sound and charged performances. Her recently announced 2024 UK tour promises even more for fans and newcomers alike.

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