Community Support Advocates

Christina Smith

Q: Tell us about your organization.
A: Community Support Advocates (Team CSA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit creating hope for Iowa’s most vulnerable individuals, and their families, who are living with disability, mental health issues, and traumatic brain injury. Our comprehensive services and coordinated care programs support day to day living, community integration, and creative expression.

Q: What makes your organization special?
A: Where do I start?! We may be one of Central Iowa’s best kept secrets. Twenty years ago, we started one of the state’s first programs to help youth with serious mental illness transition successfully from foster care to adulthood. Today, we are relied on to integrate the state’s first competency restoration program for individuals awaiting trial. Team CSA values the uniqueness of every person who works for us and who is supported by us. We take pride in continuing to win top employer awards and attracting talent in a challenging field.

Q: How does your organization contribute to the community?
A: We recently purchased a larger facility in West Des Moines, allowing us to open a new Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic that provides mental health treatment with art and play therapy options, psychiatric assessments, and medication management. We’re also adding an accessible tech center, an At-Tain library, and a gallery for our award-winning Momentum Arts program. We are leaning into our expertise to significantly advance the region’s mental health resources.

1516 Valley West Drive | West Des Moines, IA 50266 | (515) 883-1776 |

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