Earl F. “Marty” Martin in Detail

factsoflife1Writer: Larry Erickson

Resilience: The quality he most admires. “And the willingness to take the initiative. I want to give people that freedom.”

“True Detective”: His favorite TV show.

To be a senator: His youthful goal, as the son of a politically active family in Kentucky.

Juggling: His secret talent.

Optimism: His strongest trait. “I expect that things will work out.”

“I’m a neat freak.”: His worst habit.

A federal public defender: What he’d be if he weren’t doing his current job. He has worked as a civilian and military lawyer.

Will Farrell movies: What makes him laugh.

Desmond Tutu: The most interesting person he’s met.

His bliss: “Hanging out with family,” which includes his wife, Laura, and sons, Cade and Case.

Saudi Arabia: Most interesting place he’s visited.

Guilty pleasure: A fudge bar at night.

John Wayne: His matinee idol as a kid. “Six RC Cola bottle caps got you a matinee ticket.”

First job: A tobacco farm field hand at age 15.

The Economist and National Geographic: What’s on his nightstand.

Jacques Cousteau: Person he’d most like to meet, living or dead. “I’ve done a little diving.”

Most treasured possession: A flag from the U.S. Capitol, received when he retired from the Air Force.

The Green Hornet: His favorite fictional hero.

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