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Lacy Brunnette

Lacy Brunnette and Austin Hyler Day

Freelance writer and producer Lacy Brunnette and Des Moines photographer Austin Hyler Day teamed up to create this issue’s fashion feature (click here). The biggest challenge? Shooting a spring/summer style story in the middle of winter.

“I wanted to find a sunny space that would capture the promise of spring and new blooms,” says Lacy, who has contributed to previous dsm fashion projects.

That led her to Goode Greenhouses, which Lacy and Austin agree provided the perfect venue for the shoot. “Goode was wonderful and let us take over parts of their facility,” Austin says. “I am all about the environment and the subject interacting, and this shoot was a fun way to explore that concept. Plus, I love plants and have a slight problem controlling my urge to make our house into a greenhouse.”

Lacy shares Austin’s passion for plants. “I have a love affair with gardening and greenhouses,” Lacy says. “Greenhouses nurture seedlings and blooms all year long, capturing sunlight and providing a warm, bright escape. There is something so refreshing about springtime and digging in the dirt. It’s a time to throw open the windows and hit the reset button, and brighten your home and your wardrobe from the inside out.”

The outfits curated for this shoot complemented the lightness of the location, “making the photos incredibly easy on the eyes and portraying a refreshing quality,” says Lacy, who writes about fashion, culture and innovation for a variety of publications. “The breezy linens, knits and fabrics shown are as easy to style as they are to wear.”

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