The Life of the Party

Who doesn’t love a party? We certainly do, especially when it raises money
or interest for a good cause. dsm’s RSVP section, showcasing such events, was part of the earliest vision for the magazine.

We think of this section as a tribute to the organizations and their supporters. And it’s always fun to turn to those pages to see who was where, supporting what. Over the course of years, it’s an indirect chronicle of fashion and relationships, too.

Events have come and gone, but several have been timeless, growing year after year. Some are formal, some sheer fun, but all are important to their causes and to our community. Here are five of our favorites.

Bravo Gala

Often hailed as prom night for grown-ups, the Bravo Gala is a celebration of the arts in Central Iowa. Held every February, the gala is a big-ticket, formal affair that typically draws some 1,500 people. Bravo provides grants and leadership to nonprofit arts and culture programs, supported by hotel-motel tax revenue from 17 Central Iowa cities.

Hollywood Halloween

The most theatrical costume party of the year has to be Hollywood Halloween at Des Moines Community Playhouse. Themes change but enthusiasm doesn’t. The event is a fundraiser for the Playhouse’s Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre and education programs, which engage some 20,000 children each year.

Des Moines Art Center Gala

This elegant event is always different—different themes, musicians and locations—but
is always dedicated to raising money for programs and raising awareness of member groups. And when the band plays, gala-goers focus on the art of dancing.


The Bubble Ball

Just from the name, you know this is fun. The Bubble Ball, a fundraiser for ChildServe, presents a runway show of bubble-wrap couture from designers, architects and other creative professionals. Charmingly quirky and enthusiastically supported, the Bubble Ball has raised well over $1 million since its debut in 2011.

dsm Magazine Unveilings

Well, of course we’re partial, but we enjoy our tradition of bringing hundreds of readers together at an unveiling party for each new issue. Businesses and nonprofits host these events, so guests get to visit and learn about worthy programs such as, recently, Anawim Housing and Goodwill Industries. It’s a cherished part of our 15-year history, and the party never ends.

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