New Beaverdale Pub

Clark and Renee Way, owners of the south side’s Angry Goldfish, pictured, are opening a new pub in Beaverdale.  

By Wini Moranville

Though the stoves have hardly cooled down at the recently shuttered Reed’s Hollow, a new restaurant is already in the works. Clark and Renee Way, owners of the Angry Goldfish Pub and Eatery, have been handed the keys to the Beaverdale location. Now they’re fast and furiously revamping the interior and making way for the Dam Pub. The couple hopes to swing open the doors in early November.

That’s “Dam” as in “beaver dam,” by the way. “We want to be tied into Beaverdale,” Renee says. “We’re crazy-excited to be opening a pub there.”

The new concept? It’s an ’80s/’90s dive bar, according to Renee. “But not so divey you’d be afraid to bring your kids,” she adds. For the decor, they’re going to take their lead from the things they loved growing up during those decades, including iconic movies like “Cocktail,” “Goonies,” “Top Gun” and “The Breakfast Club,” as well as classic TV shows. The decor will be more hodgepodge-y than perfectly put together à la Pinterest, she says.

Comfort food will be also be a theme. “The menu will include some of the things we loved from our childhood, kicked up a bit—meatloaf sandwiches, grilled cheese, pizzas, twists on goulash and chicken-and-noodles,”  Renee says. “And burgers. You can’t have a pub without burgers.”

Follow Dam Pub’s progress on their Facebook page.

P.S.: Attention, late-night diners: In talking to Renee Way, I was thrilled to learn this notable news: Angry Goldfish serves their full menu until 11:30 p.m. on weeknights, 12:30 a.m. on weekends. Where else can you go for a sit-down dinner that late into the evening? Without ordering pizza? Very few places indeed. While she can’t confirm that the Dam Pub will serve food quite as late, she says they are considering late-dining options.

Find Angry Goldfish Pub and Eatery at 2301 S.W. Ninth St.; 515-288-2358;

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