Formaro Unveils Fun Delivery-Only Burger Concept

The new delivery-only George’s Burger Joint will specialize in updated classic-style burgers and sides.

Writer: Wini Moranville

With patio season winding down, George Formaro was seeking ways to offer dining-at-home options that would allow the Orchestrate team to “use the resources we have, meet the current challenges due to the pandemic … and do something fun.

To this end, Formaro, chef-partner at Orchestrate Management, teamed up with Derek Eidson, executive chef-partner at Django, for a new concept: George’s Burger Joint.

The menu is inspired by the great hamburger stands Formaro remembers visiting as a child on road trips with his family in the 1970s. Of course, this being the 2020s, each sandwich will be gussied up for today—e.g., caramelized onion on the patty melt, not-from-the-can ahi tuna on the tuna melt and Graziano mortadella instead of bologna for the fried bologna sandwich. Homemade tots, hand-cut fries (even duck-fat fries, if you’re so inclined), assemble-at-home ice-cream sodas with bottled pop and gelato—you see where this is headed. Fun indeed!

Another specialty: crackly, bubbly-crusted deep-fried apple pies, akin to the hotties served once-upon-a-time at McDonald’s (before McD’s changed their hot-pie modus operandi). To come up with the perfect version, Formaro “went down a rabbit hole,” doing the kind of deep culinary-archeological dig he did when perfecting burger buns for Zombie Burger and biscuits for Gateway’s breakfast sandwiches.

Which is to say, I think we need to try the pie.

Set to open later this week, George’s Burger Joint is a delivery-only operation serviced through GrubHub and DoorDash. Don’t even try to find it: Its home will be in whichever one of Orchestrate’s kitchens is available on a given day.

Keep track of the new venue’s progress on Facebook at George’s Burger Joint.

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