At The Table With Gursha Ethiopian Grill

Salah Salah (left) and Sophia Omar are two of the people behind Gursha Ethiopian Grill.

Writer: Karla Walsh

Roughly translated from Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, Gursha means “welcome” or “let me feed you.” That’s exactly what owner Salah Salah and his head chef, Ethiopian Sophia Omar, aim to do by opening Gursha Ethiopian Grill in the Drake neighborhood.

Salah, who is Somalian-Egyptian and also owns Hilal Grocery in the same area, would often receive queries from customers about what local restaurants serve African cuisine. Realizing he had very few answers, Salah decided to help fill that gap, opening Gursha’s doors on Jan. 19. Similar to a Chipotle or Subway model, you begin by choosing your base: injera bread or rice.

“In Ethiopia, injera bread comes with every meal. It’s kind of like a tortilla in Mexico,” Salah says.

Then you choose two of 10 vegan or meat topping options for the build-your-own selection, or opt for a combo plate to sample five small-sized portions. Veggies are fresh, spices are warm and takeout is easy. And all are welcome.

“American, African … this restaurant is for all. We’re already receiving feedback from all over,” Salah says. So far, that feedback includes raves like “When I am rich, I will special order blanket-sized injera so I can snack while watching TV.”

Give Gursha a go 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday at 2316 University Ave. Learn more and see the menu here.

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